♔ Aerys ♔
I srsly haven’t drawn or painted in months.. nearly a year i guess… And here’s a 15-min. ballpen doodle of something…random.
fruits anyone?
my first attempt to do realistic portrait just for a report lewl
Belated Happy Valentine’s Everyone!!!
Work in Progress.. used only coloring pencils and oil pastels
Very Old Art…. ignore anatomical errors. Happy New Year~!
~Just another practice….tried to CG but ugh, i cant help it…i end up either painting or partially painting it . A .
Working on this yet having hard time coz i dont have the time and im starting to hate it xD
Been doodling and making quick sketches recently :3
currently aiming for a certain digital coloring style….im still practicing my way in achieving it..and studies continue to distract me from drawing… ._.

~Hai everyone~! Long time no post haha. A little update about myself. I’m currently going to school and working on bunch of paperworks so i really really have less time to paint so i get limited to just sketching/doodling. Another thing is, for my recreation, I play gaiaonline x] and ive been doing commissions there too.

~That’s a sample. Some of the sketch I made which i can hopefully ink and color is this.

~Im honestly getting quite a lot of inspirations lately..I just couldnt put them on a paper that fast QnQ Till next time guise~! Follow me in twitter —> @Airichantelle

~havent painted in how many months now….but ive been sketching… here’s my OC dione QuQ
for the winner of my past journal entry x33